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The Silk Roads were about 4000 miles of trading ground established in the Han Dynasty This route of trade was significant because it was a factor in development of. Buddhism trade along silk road.

Tourist Cities on the Silk Road Today, towns., the Silk Road connects nearly 50 cities , the Silk Road is rathen a tourist road than a trade om Xian to Kashgar

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The Silk Road , Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes that were for centuries central to cultural interaction originally through regions of Eurasia.
How Greek Science Passed to the Arabs By De Lacy O Leary D D First published in Great Britain in 1949 by Routledge Kegan Paul printed three times.

Central Asian missionary efforts along the Silk Road were accompanied by a flux of artistic influences, visible in the development of Serindian art from the 2nd to.

Silk Road: Silk Road, ancient trade route, linking China with the West, ideas between the two great civilizations of Rome , China, that carried goods
There one sees a structure of an elevation prodigious in height; it is supported by gigantic pillars and covered with paintings of all the birds created by God. B C 3200 Horse domesticated on south Russian steppe 3000 Minoan civilization starts, the earliest in Europe 3000 Silk first produced in China.

Official web site of Adam s Peak or Sri Pada, Sri Lanka s holy moutain sacred since ancient times to Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

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